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Jun 28, 2017

"Saw through my game, I suppose" [3GAR] 


Once again, we have a con man at work, eager to enrich himself. He finds his mark, manages to get him away from the scene where his work needs to happen, and is eventually caught red-handed by Sherlock Holmes. Does this plot device sound familar? It should. Or at least it did, once we got the names of the minor characters straight...


This tale has been recognized as sharing the plot of "The Red-Headed League" and "The Stock-Broker's Clerk". If indeed the plot is strong enough to be employed three times, which story makes the best use of it, and why?



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Music credits

Performers: Uncredited violinist, US Marine Chamber Orchestra 

Publisher Info.: Washington, DC: United States Marine Band 

Copyright: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0