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Mar 28, 2024

“one of biscuits [GLOR] 

It's not often we find ourselves with a Muppets crossover, but after stumbling across a few trifling references in the Sherlock Holmes stories, we began to think about the Cookie Monster in Baker Street.
Of course, there were no cookies in Baker Street. Only biscuits. Where might we...

Mar 21, 2024

“the weaver by his tooth or the compositor by his thumb [COPP] 

On the third week of every month, we look at a piece of Sherlockian scholarship in a series we call "Mr. Sherlock Holmes the Theorist." In this episode, the article "The Effect of Trades on the Body" by Remsen Ten Eyck Schenck from Vol. 3, No. 1...

Mar 14, 2024

“whatever luggage you intend to take [FINA]  

We're back on the rails this week, with our monthly travel-related episode. This time, we turn to an article written by H.J. Curjel for The Sherlock Holmes Journal, Vol. 12, Nos. 3 & 4, Summer 1976. 
Specifically, we review his survey of stories in which...

Mar 7, 2024

“half-humorous, half-cynical [DEVI]  

Celebrate our terquasquicentennial with us as we take a full look at "half" mentions in the Canon. While there are nearly 400 instances of the word, there are a select few that tell us something about hte personality of Sherlock Holmes. 
Namely, that Sherlock Holmes...