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Aug 30, 2017

"a Greek by extraction" [GREE] 


 "The Greek Interpreter" gives us our first glimpse of Mycroft Holmes, through the meeting with him at the Diogenes Club. But it's the introduction of the peculiar Mr. Melas, the Greek interpreter, that sets things in motion.

When you think about all of the activity in this case,...

Aug 23, 2017

"the matter is more mysterious" [CARD] 


"The Cardboard Box" opens with an iconic diversion on a hot August day on Baker Street. And while the story was published in The Strand Magazine just following "Silver Blaze" and just prior to "The Yellow Face." And yet when the second collection of short stories was published...

Aug 16, 2017

"Very well thumbed, I assure you" [HOUN] 


"The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb" marks the only time that Watson has been responsible for bringing a case to Sherlock Holmes. Go ahead and look it up. We'll wait.


Meanwhile, the few engineers we meet in the Canon are of varied types. But Bliss Austin, BSI, in his...

Aug 9, 2017

"you will find your time very fully occupied" [NORW] 

In the opening of "The Norwood Builder," we find Watson back in Baker Street—he sold his practice and has moved back in with Sherlock Holmes. And we discover that it was Sherlock Holmes who made the financial arrangements that made it possible for Dr. Verner to...

Aug 1, 2017

"worthy of our steel" [HOUN] 


Sidney Paget was the illustrator who first brought widespread visual recognition of Sherlock Holmes to the public. His American counterpart Frederic Dorr Steele got a later start, but made a lasting impact as well.


We discuss Steele's inspiration and the ultimate gift that he left us:...