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Jul 26, 2023

“called me in seven times [ABBE] 

There's something magical about the number seven. Whether or not it appears more than other numbers in the Sherlock Holmes canon is beyond our research capabilities.
However, there are some interesting and memorable associations with the number seven that we thought worth...

Jul 20, 2023

“this evening at 221B, Baker Street” [BLUE] 

Image credit: Russell Stutler
It's time once again for the Masters Class, the episode each month in which we look at an exemplary piece of Sherlockian scholarship and discuss its merits.
This is our first of three forays into the work of Michael Harrison...

Jul 13, 2023

“this quick succession of strange surprises” [SIGN] 

There are some trifles that are too trifling to stand on their own. Then again, Burt and Scott tend to have the ability to stretch out any bit of minutiae into an exposition.
Three topics came to our attention lately, and we felt they were deserving of a...