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Sep 28, 2022

“the wondrous strength-giving serum” [CREE] 

For our 300th episode, we thought we'd do something just a Trifle different. Following the theme of our previous episode, we're focused again on "The Adventure of the Creeping Man."
This time, however, we turn to a satirical piece that appeared in The Baker...

Sep 21, 2022

“an obscure scientist who was striving in some unknown way” [CREE] 

In this month's Masters Class, we turn to a Morley-Montgomery Award-winning article from The Baker Street Journal in 1973: "Lowenstein of Prague" by Jan C. Prager and Albert Silverstein.
In "The Creeping Man," a certain H. Lowenstein is...

Sep 14, 2022

“a regal and stately lady in Court dress” [CHAS] 

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, we find ourselves in a similar place as Sherlock Holmes did in 1901 with the passing of Queen Victoria: at the end of an age.
What a perfect opportunity then, to reflect on the thirteen British monarchs who appeared in...

Sep 8, 2022

“You still smoke the Arcadia mixture of your bachelor days then!” [CROO] 

When Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson first met, Watson noted he was not averse to strong tobacco and that he usually smoked what he called "ship's" himself. But later, Holmes finds him smoking the "Arcadia mixture" from his bachelor...

Sep 1, 2022

“I caught a glimpse of a great heart” [3GAB] 

Without a question, Sherlock Holmes was a master of his craft. When we look at his motivations for pursuing his career—at least on the surface—he seems like he's all business.
And yet, we have glimpses of Holmes over the course of his career when he waxes a bit...