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May 3, 2017

"have a look at the horse" [SILV] 

One of the best regarded stories in the Sherlock Holmes canon is "Silver Blaze." The story has so many elements to it that lend themselves to the lore of Sherlock Holmes: the Baker Street opening, the image of Holmes and Watson in the railway carriage, a number of famous quotes. We'll be revisiting this story again in Trifles.

But for this time, our focus is on the horse. With the Kentucky Derby approaching on May 6, it's an apt time to consider the heritage of Silver Blaze and the associated activities that were happening during that time. Noted sports columnist Red Smith had some thoughts about Holmes's actions and the racetrack bookie, and S. Tupper Bigelow took an opposite tack. Who was right? You'll have to tune in to hear.


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