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Aug 16, 2017

"Very well thumbed, I assure you" [HOUN] 


"The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb" marks the only time that Watson has been responsible for bringing a case to Sherlock Holmes. Go ahead and look it up. We'll wait.


Meanwhile, the few engineers we meet in the Canon are of varied types. But Bliss Austin, BSI, in his...

Aug 9, 2017

"you will find your time very fully occupied" [NORW] 

In the opening of "The Norwood Builder," we find Watson back in Baker Street—he sold his practice and has moved back in with Sherlock Holmes. And we discover that it was Sherlock Holmes who made the financial arrangements that made it possible for Dr. Verner to...

Aug 1, 2017

"worthy of our steel" [HOUN] 


Sidney Paget was the illustrator who first brought widespread visual recognition of Sherlock Holmes to the public. His American counterpart Frederic Dorr Steele got a later start, but made a lasting impact as well.


We discuss Steele's inspiration and the ultimate gift that he left us:...

Jul 26, 2017

"The chain of events is certainly one of extraordinary interest." [NAVA] 

Nepotism, bullying, carelessness and a locked room mystery — "The Naval Treaty" has it all. A young government employee is given a top secret assignment that keeps him at his desk late at night, but the document he was working on goes missing....

Jul 19, 2017

"there can be no question as to the authorship" [SIGN] 


"The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone" took place in July 1903 and it shares a distinction with one other Sherlock Holmes story: like "The Adventure of the Lion's Mane," this is the only other story that is told by a third person.

We review some theories, summed up...